Advanced Custom Motorcycle Painting

Author: Dave Perewitz
Publisher: Wolfgang Publications
ISBN: 9781941064290
Size: 27.69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Advanced Custom Motorcycle Painting. This book from Wolfgang Publications covers all the important topics: the chemistry of modern paint, how to set up a shop, adjust the gun, and apply art work. Written by the master of custom paint and flames, Dave Perewitz, this book documents three compl

Advanced Custom Motorcycle Assembly Fabrication Manual

Author: Timothy Remus
Publisher: Wolfgang Publications, Incorporated
ISBN: 9781929133239
Size: 24.63 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 2282

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Advanced Custom Motorcycle Assembly Fabrication Manual. What started in the mid-90s when a few people decided to build (stock Softails÷ from aftermarket parts·because they couldn't buy one at the dealer·has evolved into a full-blown industry. Today, every small town has a Chopper or Custom bike shop and every cable TV channel has a Biker Build-Off series. No longer content to build copies of stock motorcycles, today's builder wants a motorcycle that's longer, lower, and sexier than anything approved by a factory design team. Wolfgang Publications and Tim Remus were there at the very beginning of the trend with their Ultimate V-Twin Motorcycle book. Today they're back with their new book, Advanced Custom Motorcycle Assembly & Fabrication. Part catalog, part service manual, and part inspiration, this new book offers help with planning the project, getting the right look and actually assembling that custom bike you've dreamed about for years. Three start-to-finish sequences show not just how the best bikes are bolted together, but how the unique one-off gas tanks are shaped and then covered with candy brandywine paint.

How To Advanced Custom Motorcycle Chassis

Author: Doug Mitchel
Publisher: Wolfgang Productions
ISBN: 9781929133376
Size: 48.96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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How To Advanced Custom Motorcycle Chassis. This is a book for men and women who are building of modifying an American V-Twin Motorcycle. Whether they are building a bike from scratch or adding a 300 tire to the back of a factory Softtail, the products and projects contained in this new Chassis book will help them successfully finish the project. For anyone building a bike from scratch, the Frame chapter includes a discussion of rake and trail angles, as well as a listing of various frame types currently on the market. Current bike owners looking to upgrade wheels or brakes will discover a full chapter on each topic. Is a six-person caliper really that much better than a four? More inportantly, is it worth the extra money? And how are the best billet wheels manufactured? This new book by Doug Mitchel contains answers to these questions and a hundred more. Not just a parts-catalog, the Motorcycle Chassis book includes two mock-up assemblies, from bare frame to complete mock-ups with drivetrain, wheels and sheet metal installed.

How To Paint Draw Motorcycles

Author: Eric Herrmann
Publisher: Wolfgang Productions
ISBN: 9781929133161
Size: 60.31 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 2671

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How To Paint Draw Motorcycles. Provides instructions on the techniques of painting and drawing motorcycles along with reproductions of the author's own images of motorcycles.

Automotive Cheap Tricks Special F X Ii

Author: Craig Fraser
Publisher: Nikko Press, a subsidiary of Airbrush Action Inc.
ISBN: 0963733672
Size: 74.65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Automotive Cheap Tricks Special F X Ii. "The New Gold Standard in Automotive Step-By-Step Books Automotive Cheap Tricks & Special F/X II, the ultimate book of automotive custom painting has been released. Automotive Cheap Tricks & Special F/X II is a compilation of step-by-step instruction by Craig Fraser, one of the greatest forces behind the popularization of automotive custom painting. In fact, Special F/X II far exceeds its predecessor, F/X I, in superior design, nearly double the content (31 chapters, including 11 introductory sub-chapters and a comprehensive glossary), and size (212 pages). The subtitle, Learn How to Paint Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Musical Instruments, Surfboards, and R.C. Cars, really says it all, and lives up to its promise with some of the most cutting-edge work dissected for your reference and execution. This amazing visual smorgasbord tutors on how to achieve stunning graphics, special effects, murals, pinstriping, and more for beginners and pros. It’s especially fascinating how perceptually difficult effects (bullet holes, fire, water droplets, old school flames, and tons more) and textures (alligator and dragon skin, chrome, cheetah fur, faux f/x, and many others) are so easily rendered with stencils, freehand shields, a variety of tapes, vinyl, and even a torch! It almost seems as if the author gave away too much, like a magician who would surprisingly reveal his secrets with impunity. Fraser was thoughtful enough to include enough editorial and instruction for newbies that includes a Back to Da’ Basics chapter, and some great articles on self-promotion, the zen of custom painting, how to photograph your artwork (the importance of this cannot be overstated), the paint and equipment you’ll need to get started, and the business of custom painting. In great, painstaking detail throughout, the book also addresses critically essential information on the proper sequences and steps to working with urethanes and clearcoats, among other things. The fact that improper methods can lead to catastrophic results on, say, a $100,000 vehicle makes this book even more important. Chapters include: Flamin’ Out A Killer Skull (skull and flames on a motorcycle tank), Steampunk Guitar (mind-blowing; gorgeous), Formula Drift (classic graphics with stunning results), Dragon Drums, Da Kine Surf-Tiki (Craig proves that you, too, can paint a bitchin’ surfboard), Rice Fink (sure to be a big favorite), RC Car (you better read this before you attempt one), Donkey Frog, and Homage A Giger (H.R., that is). Automotive Cheap Tricks & Special F/X II is beautifully printed in full color and on heavy paper stock, and it’s obvious that the publisher spared no expense in producing it. At $34.95 this volume is a steal. And it is, without question, the new gold standard for books on automotive custom painting and will remain so for years to come."