Between Now And Then

Author: Jeanne C. Hoff
Publisher: Infinity Pub
ISBN: 9780741484956
Size: 62.39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Between Now And Then. Between now (today) and then (your last day), you will be asked certain questions, for which there are no easy or one-word answers. What do you want your Will to say? What do you want your money to do for you? What arrangements do you want for your funeral? What kinds of treatment do you want in an extreme (terminal) medical situation? Each question requires thought, conversations, and planning. The information in this book will prepare you for those times when you are faced with these and similar questions and when there is no time left for thinking.

Caught Between Then And Now

Author: Rodney Allen Fletcher
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 1457508842
Size: 12.37 MB
Format: PDF
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Caught Between Then And Now. When Nicholas Beems and Jared Gruesbeck moved from Chicago to Denver Colorado, they both were looking forward to starting a new life together in a city full of possibilities. Nicholas had been put in charge of running the Denver branch of his family's real estate company Beems Realty, by his father Gregory. Gregory knew that if anyone could get the division back on it's feet and into the local market, his son could. Two years into their relationship, and over one year under their belt in the Mile High City, Nolan Moran was the last person on Nicholas' mind... That all changed, however, one morning when Nicholas received an email... Nolan had been granted early parole... Nicholas' life would never be the same. With his ex-lover and partner of nearly fifteen years now back on the outside, Nicholas is forced to deal with Nolan once again and face the affair that had ended their relationship nearly seven years prior. Feelings that Nicholas had buried and chosen to forget come rushing to the surface as he realizes that avoiding situations only compounds their effects when they come to light a second time. Caught Between Then and Now is the story of one man's struggle to try and put his past behind him while focusing on his future. For Nicolas Beems....nothing could be more complicated...

Then And Now And In Between

Author: Judith A. Norwood
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1467819077
Size: 31.49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Then And Now And In Between. THEN Eight girls grew up in postwar Marion, Indiana. Dubbed the Vestal Virgins by their male classmates, they believed they would be friends forever. NOW Eight women reunite, after 42 years, on the tranquil shores of an Indiana lake to reclaim the friendships that time and distance have diminished. From faded dreams to stark realities, the V Vs share what happened IN BETWEEN.

Tuberculosis Then And Now

Author: Flurin Condrau
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773577041
Size: 54.78 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Tuberculosis Then And Now. In Tuberculosis Then and Now leading scholars and new researchers in the field reflect on the changing medical, social, and cultural understanding of the disease and engage in a wider debate about the role of narrative in the social history of medicine and how it informs current debates and issues surrounding the treatment of tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. Through a case study of the history of tuberculosis and its treatment, this collection examines medicine and health care from the perspectives of class, race, and gender, providing a challenging and refreshing addition to the field of bacteria-centred accounts of the history of medicine.

Natives And Settlers Now And Then

Author: Paul W. DePasquale
Publisher: University of Alberta
ISBN: 0888646860
Size: 12.47 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Natives And Settlers Now And Then. “Natives and Settlers provides a beginning to what should be (and should have been) a continuing, respectful discussion.” —Blanca Schorcht, Associate Professor, University of Northern British Columbia. Is Canada truly postcolonial? Burdened by a past that remains ‘refracted’ in its understanding and treatment of Native peoples, this collection reinterprets treaty making and land claims from Aboriginal perspectives. These five essays not only provide fresh insights to the interpretations of treaties and treaty-making processes, but also examine land claims still under negotiation. Natives and Settlers reclaims the vitality of Aboriginal laws and paradigms in Canada, a country new to decolonization.