Author: P. M. S. Monteiro
Publisher: IOS Press
ISBN: 1607500302
Size: 41.58 MB
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Catchment2coast. Catchment2Coast was an interdisciplinary research and modeling project that aimed to improve understanding of the linkages between coastal ecosystems and the adjacent river catchments. The project involved nine partner organizations from three European and three southern African countries, including Mozambique, where the project was conducted. Catchment2Coast has tackled a problem which is at the interface of many different domains: between river and the sea, between bay and ocean, between water and soil, but also between ecology and economy. It used a variety of tools and methods, ranging from continuous hydrodynamic monitoring and biochemistry flux measurements to remote sensing and mathematical modeling techniques, but perhaps even more important was the integration of disciplines that took place during the project, which consisted of experts from different countries both from Europe and Southern Africa. The knowledge gained through this research provides a sound basis for the setting of environmental flow requirements for the Maputo, Incomati and similar river systems in sub-Saharan Africa. And what is more, it may serve as an example and stimulus for continued cooperation between experts from different disciplinary and cultural backgrounds.

The Role Of Bathymetry Wave Obliquity And Coastal Curvature In Dune Erosion Prediction

Author: C. den Heijer
Publisher: IOS Press
ISBN: 1614992460
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The Role Of Bathymetry Wave Obliquity And Coastal Curvature In Dune Erosion Prediction. Coastal areas have traditionally been an attractive place for people to live, but if these areas are low-lying, they are also prone to flooding. In the Netherlands, half of the population lives in coastal areas below mean sea level. Dunes are the primary sea defense along most of the Dutch coastline, and the envisaged protection level of this densely populated and economically valuable area is one of the highest in the world. Since extreme design storm events have not been observed in recent history, the design, evaluation and maintenance of flood defense systems relies on models and data extrapolation. This book is about the reduction of uncertainty in dune erosion prediction, and the improvement of dune safety assessment, particularly for complex dune coasts. With reference to the Dutch experience, it describes the use of state-of-the-art, process-based models for studying the influence of cross-shore bathymetry, wave obliquity and coastline curvature on dune erosion. A reduction in the uncertainty of dune erosion prediction is envisaged by deploying a more comprehensive modeling approach and a tailored probabilistic approach. In addition, the use of a Bayesian Network model overcomes the limitations of the probabilistic methods, and allows model, field and laboratory data to be combined with expert opinion to estimate dune erosion rate. The book stresses the importance of wave obliquity and coastal curvature for the assessment of dune safety against flooding and will be of interest to all those involved in flood prevention in coastal areas.

Making Sense Of Virtual Risks

Author: Casper Harteveld
Publisher: IOS Press
ISBN: 1614991707
Size: 47.78 MB
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Making Sense Of Virtual Risks. Along with the rise of digital games over the past decades came an increased interest in using games for other purposes than entertainment. Although a few successes are known, much research seems to suggest little evidence for games advantages. Existing literature claims that more comprehensive, rigorous, and innovative studies are needed to investigate the effective design and use of games.To contribute to this emerging field, the author investigated the case of Levee Patroller. The target audience of this game, levee patrollers, are considered the eyes and ears of the Dutch water authorities. They inspect levees and report any risks

Bridging Boundaries

Author: Sonja Karstens
Publisher: IOS Press
ISBN: 1607500515
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Bridging Boundaries. Bridging Boundaries: Making Scale Choices in Multi-Actor Policy Analysis on Water Management synthesizes different perspectives on scale choices (spatial boundary setting, temporal boundary setting and selection of level of aggregation) in policy analysis. Scale choices influence the content of a study (the problems on the agenda, the options found and the impacts addressed) and the process (actors involved, their dedication and criticalness). Scale choices are not politically neutral: they may have advantages or disadvantages for certain actors by putting their urgent problems and their preferred options on the agenda, while they may hide or stress positive or negative impacts of options. Yet, little is known about the specific effects of scale choices and how they are made in practice. In this research, the making of scale choices is studied in two cases in practice: the Long Term Vision Study of the Scheldt Estuary and the Water Shortage Study of the Netherlands. Scale choices appear to be an important framing instrument that can be used by the policy analyst.

Dune Erosion During Storm Surges

Author: Jacob Simon Marie van Thiel de Vries
Publisher: IOS Press
ISBN: 1607500418
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Dune Erosion During Storm Surges. Because large parts of The Netherlands lie below sea level and are largely protected from flooding by a narrow strip of sandy beaches and dunes, optimal management of this coastal strip is of vital importance. This work extends the existing knowledge of dune erosion during storm surges as it occurs along the Dutch coast. Among the areas discussed are: a large scale erosion experiment designed to improve insight into near dune hydrodynamics, sediment transport and interaction between dune face and swash zone; detailed modeling to study dune erosion physics, validated against measurements, and a morphodynamic dune erosion model applied in a variety of dune erosion conditions. This publication represents a valuable contribution to an improved understanding of dune erosion, an increasingly important area of study with regard to climate change and rising sea levels.

System Robustness Analysis In Support Of Flood And Drought Risk Management

Author: M.J.P. Mens
Publisher: IOS Press
ISBN: 161499482X
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System Robustness Analysis In Support Of Flood And Drought Risk Management. Floods and droughts have an increasing impact on societies worldwide. It is unlikely that the provision of flood protection infrastructure and reservoirs will eliminate this problem, especially as extreme events are expected to increase in probability and magnitude as a result of climate change. For this reason, the focus of water management has shifted to a risk-based approach in recent years; but this also has its limitations. This book examines system robustness as a new perspective on flood and drought risk management. The concept of robustness is familiar from other areas, such as engineering and biology. When a system is robust, it can remain functioning even when some components fail. Areas prone to flooding or drought can be understood as systems, and this book makes the concept of robustness operational by proposing quantifiable criteria. These criteria were tested in two case studies of flooding and two of drought, which demonstrate the applicability of the framework and provide insight into the system characteristics that influence system robustness. The book will contribute to decision-making in flood and drought risk management by providing additional decision criteria, and will be of interest to all those whose work involves the management of disastrous and uncertain flood and drought events.

Estuaries A Lifeline Of Ecosystem Services In The Western Indian Ocean

Author: Salif Diop
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783319253688
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Estuaries A Lifeline Of Ecosystem Services In The Western Indian Ocean. This book provides recent environmental, ecological and hydrodynamic information for the major estuaries and the coastal marine systems of the Western Indian Ocean Region. It covers various functions and values of the region’s estuarine ecosystems and their respective habitats, including the land/ocean interactions that define and impact ecosystem services. The Western Indian Ocean region covered by this volume consists of the continental coastal states of Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa and Tanzania and the island states of Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and Comoros.

Discounting Libor Cva And Funding

Author: Chris Kenyon
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 1137268514
Size: 20.11 MB
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Discounting Libor Cva And Funding. The credit and sovereign debt crises have fundamentally changed the way participants in the global financial markets perceive credit risk. The effects of this change have been studied by many leading experts in Mathematical Finance, but to date there is no single volume that combines the results of this research and presents them at a level suited for practitioners and students alike. In market practice this fundamental market change is most directly visible from significant bases throughout the interest rate world, especially tenor bases, cross-currency bases, and bond-cds bases. This means that the curve used for discounting is no longer the curve used for Libor (aka Fixing Curve or Forwarding Curve). In the last two years a consensus has emerged that this multi-curve pricing is now standard.The crises have also altered the perception of banks and governments - they are no longer regarded as zero-risk counterparties. Now both sides of an uncollateralized trade need to consider, and price in, the risk that the other defaults: my CVA is your DVA. Even collateralization does not remove pricing problems: when you post collateral how much do you have to pay for it? This FVA is not symmetric in many ways: whatever it costs you to source it, your counterparty will only pay you OIS. Even worse is that your funding costs are unlikely to be the same as those of all your counterparties.Discounting, Libor, CVA and Funding: Interest Rate and Credit Pricing is the first book to illustrate new ways of pricing interest rate and credit products in the post-crisis markets. Written by two seasoned practitioners, it will enable the readers to understand the many different versions of credit and basis spreads, and to build the appropriate discount curves that take the these spreads into account so that collateralized derivatives will be priced correctly. The authors guide the reader through the complexity added by OIS discounting and multi-curve pricing as well as CVA, DVA and FVA. Derivatives do not exist in a vacuum. Regulators world-wide have reacted strongly to the crises with the introduction of Basel III. Hitherto quants could ignore capital costs and charges, but as of January 2013 this world is gone. Discounting, Libor, CVA and Funding explains details of Basel III that are important for pricing, especially around the CVA VaR and default exposure capital charges.This book will be required reading for quantitative practitioners who need to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in derivatives pricing, and will also be of interest to academic researchers and students interested in how instruments are priced in practice.