Community Resources

Author: Angela Catalano
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781404227811
Size: 38.77 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Community Resources. Discusses the various resources that help a community to succeed.

Forests Water And People In The Humid Tropics

Author: M. Bonell
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521829533
Size: 31.53 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Forests Water And People In The Humid Tropics. Forests, Water and People in the Humid Tropics is a comprehensive review of the hydrological and physiological functioning of tropical rain forests, the environmental impacts of their disturbance and conversion to other land uses, and optimum strategies for managing them. The book brings together leading specialists in such diverse fields as tropical anthropology and human geography, environmental economics, climatology and meteorology, hydrology, geomorphology, plant and aquatic ecology, forestry and conservation agronomy. The editors have supplemented the individual contributions with invaluable overviews of the main sections and provide key pointers for future research. Specialists will find authenticated detail in chapters written by experts on a whole range of people-water-land use issues, managers and practitioners will learn more about the implications of ongoing and planned forest conversion, while scientists and students will appreciate a unique review of the literature.

Nourishing The Land Nourishing The People

Author: Brett Shapiro
Publisher: CABI
ISBN: 1845937414
Size: 26.85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Nourishing The Land Nourishing The People. As accelerated urbanization widens the gap between rich and poor and population growth becomes a global phenomenon, key strategies promoting rural economic development need to be implemented. This book covers the progress of a development initiative in Madagascar that enabled a region suffering from chronic drought and famine to provide food and become the area's breadbasket. Working with local people, the project delivered increased new cultivations, abundant harvests and improvements in infrastructure, media access, education and health. This is an indispensable book for development practiti.

People Land And Water

Author: Guy Bessette
Publisher: IDRC
ISBN: 1552502244
Size: 10.28 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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People Land And Water. Presents conceptual and methodological issues related to the use of Participatory Development Communication (PDC). This book describes the major issues involved in applying PDC to natural resource management practices and research, and also discusses the challenges and the difficulties linked to such an approach.

Rural People And Communities In The 21st Century

Author: David L. Brown
Publisher: Polity
ISBN: 0745641288
Size: 14.76 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Rural People And Communities In The 21st Century. Rural people and communities continue to play important social, economic and environmental roles at a time in which societies are rapidly urbanizing, and the identities of local places are increasingly subsumed by flows of people, information and economic activity across global spaces. However, while the organization of rural life has been fundamentally transformed by institutional and social changes that have occurred since the mid-twentieth century, rural people and communities have proved resilient in the face of these transformations. This book examines the causes and consequences of major social and economic changes affecting rural communities and populations during the first decades of the twenty-first century, and explores policies developed to ameliorate problems or enhance opportunities. Primarily focused on the U.S. context, while also providing international comparative discussion, the book is organized into five sections each of which explores both socio-demographic and political economic aspects of rural transformation. It features an accessible and up-to-date blend of theory and empirical analysis, with each chapter's discussion grounded in real-life situations through the use of empirical case-study materials. Rural People and Communities in the 21st Century is intended for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in rural sociology, community sociology, rural and/or population geography, community development, and population studies--From publisher description.

The Practice Of Generalist Social Work

Author: Julie Birkenmaier
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135093687
Size: 47.40 MB
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The Practice Of Generalist Social Work. The new edition of The Practice of Generalist Social Work teaches and helps students apply the skills for micro, macro, and mezzo practice. The third edition contains over 80 pages of new content, including many skill-based guides to subjects such as cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. Quick Guides, a new feature in the third edition, are tools that will be useful to students in everyday practice. now contains 6 cases; the authors have created a new case, Brickville, for this book. Within Brickville, students work with a mezzo case embedded within a macro case to help a family in a community facing gentrification. Instructor materials include extra readings; PowerPoints; test questions; annotated links; syllabi for one-, two- or three-semester courses; and EPAS guidelines. With 13 chapters and 6 cases, this book works with a one-, two-, or three-semester practice course. This book is also available in customized versions for your two- and three-semester courses (click the links below): Chapters 1-7: Chapters 8-13: Chapters 1-5: Chapters 6-9: Chapters 10-13:

Land Solutions For Climate Displacement

Author: Scott Leckie
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134485050
Size: 56.56 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Land Solutions For Climate Displacement. "This book includes ten chapters of highly original and innovative research on the reality and dynamics of climate displacement in seven of the countries which are most seriously affected, or which will be in the future. The book includes both general analytical chapters as well as country-specific chapters on Bangladesh, Kiribati, the Maldives, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. All country chapters are written by nationals of those countries, lending a first-hand account of how these frontline nations are grappling with the human consequences of climate displacement"--

Designing Sustainable Communities

Author: Judy Corbett
Publisher: Island Press
ISBN: 1559636866
Size: 23.81 MB
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Designing Sustainable Communities. The movement toward creating more sustainable communities has been growing for decades, and in recent years has gained new prominence with the increasing visibility of planning approaches such as the New Urbanism. Yet there are few examples of successful and time-tested sustainable communities.Village Homes outside of Davis, California offers one such example. Built between 1975 and 1981 on 60 acres of land, it offers unique features including extensive common areas and green space; community gardens, orchards, and vineyards; narrow streets; pedestrian and bike paths; solar homes; and an innovative ecological drainage system. Authors Judy and Michael Corbett were intimately involved with the design, development, and building of Village Homes, and have resided there since 1977.In Designing Sustainable Communities, they examine the history of the sustainable community movement and discuss how Village Homes fits into the context of that movement. They offer an inside look at the development of the project from start to finish, describing how the project came about, obstacles that needed to be overcome, design approaches they took, problems that were encountered and how those problems were solved, and changes that have occurred over the years. In addition, they compare Village Homes with other communities and developments across the country, and discuss the future prospects for the continued growth of the sustainable communities movement.The book offers detailed information on a holistic approach to designing and building successful communities. It represents an invaluable guide for professionals and students involved with planning, architecture, development, and landscape architecture, and for anyone interested increating more sustainable communities.