Learning Elk Stack

Author: Saurabh Chhajed
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1785886703
Size: 79.40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Learning Elk Stack. Build mesmerizing visualizations, analytics, and logs from your data using Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana About This Book Solve all your data analytics problems with the ELK stack Explore the power of Kibana4 search and visualizations built over Elasticsearch queries and learn about the features and plugins of Logstash Develop a complete data pipeline using the ELK stack Who This Book Is For If you are a developer or DevOps engineer interested in building a system that provides amazing insights and business metrics out of data sources, of various formats and types, using the open source technology stack that ELK provides, then this book is for you. Basic knowledge of Unix or any programming language will be helpful to make the most out of this book. What You Will Learn Install, configure, and run Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana Understand the need for log analytics and the current challenges in log analysis Build your own data pipeline using the ELK stack Familiarize yourself with the key features of Logstash and the variety of input, filter, and output plugins it provides Build your own custom Logstash plugin Create actionable insights using charts, histograms, and quick search features in Kibana4 Understand the role of Elasticsearch in the ELK stack In Detail The ELK stack—Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana, is a powerful combination of open source tools. Elasticsearch is for deep search and data analytics. Logstash is for centralized logging, log enrichment, and parsing. Kibana is for powerful and beautiful data visualizations. In short, the Elasticsearch ELK stack makes searching and analyzing data easier than ever before. This book will introduce you to the ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) stack, starting by showing you how to set up the stack by installing the tools, and basic configuration. You'll move on to building a basic data pipeline using the ELK stack. Next, you'll explore the key features of Logstash and its role in the ELK stack, including creating Logstash plugins, which will enable you to use your own customized plugins. The importance of Elasticsearch and Kibana in the ELK stack is also covered, along with various types of advanced data analysis, and a variety of charts, tables ,and maps. Finally, by the end of the book you will be able to develop full-fledged data pipeline using the ELK stack and have a solid understanding of the role of each of the components. Style and approach This book is a step-by-step guide, complete with various examples to solve your data analytics problems by using the ELK stack to explore and visualize data.


Author: Scott Wrobel
Publisher: Black Rabbit Books
ISBN: 1583406824
Size: 33.47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Elk. Discusses the history of the American elk, its physical characteristics and habits, and efforts to preserve the species.

Elk Hunting

Author: Jim Zumbo
Publisher: Creative Publishing International
ISBN: 9781610603102
Size: 47.74 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Elk Hunting. Elk Hunting provides all the basics a hunter needs to know about planning a trip, selecting equipment, understanding elk behavior and mastering hunting techniques. An elk hunt is not an inexpensive venture. In this book, Zumbo tells how to select an outfitter or plan a do-it-yourself hunt. Moving long distances is not a problem for elk, and finding prime locations is a key to hunting success. With Elk Hunting you'll learn how to scout and recognize the places most likely to hold elk. Details the proper equipment to use, such as rifles, calls, optics and accessories. Features special sections that cover elk hunting with bow and muzzleloader.

Elk Deer And Cattle

Author: Valerie Rapp
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 1437902839
Size: 74.57 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Elk Deer And Cattle. In the 1970s and 1980s, wildlife managers, hunters, and forest managers had intense debates about how elk, mule deer, and cattle should be managed on public lands. In response, the Starkey Project was started in the Blue Mountains of NE Oregon. Starkey is a controlled, landscape-scale study at the Starkey Experimental Forest and Range. Four major themes were identified for the Project¿s first decade of research: Roads and traffic; Timber production and thermal cover; Competition with cattle; and Breeding efficiency of male elk. This report describes the Starkey Project¿s first decade (1989-99) which have given managers defensible options for managing roads, timber prod., and range allotments in relation to elk, deer, and cattle. Photos.

Black Elk

Author: Joe Jackson
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 0374709610
Size: 79.59 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Black Elk. Winner of the Society of American Historians' Francis Parkman Prize Winner of the PEN / Jacqueline Bograd Weld Award for Biography Best Biography of 2016, True West magazine Winner of the Western Writers of America 2017 Spur Award, Best Western Biography Finalist, National Book Critics Circle Award for Biography One of the Best Books of 2016, The Boston Globe The epic life story of the Native American holy man who has inspired millions around the world Black Elk, the Native American holy man, is known to millions of readers around the world from his 1932 testimonial Black Elk Speaks. Adapted by the poet John G. Neihardt from a series of interviews with Black Elk and other elders at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, Black Elk Speaks is one of the most widely read and admired works of American Indian literature. Cryptic and deeply personal, it has been read as a spiritual guide, a philosophical manifesto, and a text to be deconstructed—while the historical Black Elk has faded from view. In this sweeping book, Joe Jackson provides the definitive biographical account of a figure whose dramatic life converged with some of the most momentous events in the history of the American West. Born in an era of rising violence between the Sioux, white settlers, and U.S. government troops, Black Elk killed his first man at the Little Bighorn, witnessed the death of his second cousin Crazy Horse, and traveled to Europe with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. Upon his return, he was swept up in the traditionalist Ghost Dance movement and shaken by the Massacre at Wounded Knee. But Black Elk was not a warrior, instead accepting the path of a healer and holy man, motivated by a powerful prophetic vision that he struggled to understand. Although Black Elk embraced Catholicism in his later years, he continued to practice the old ways clandestinely and never refrained from seeking meaning in the visions that both haunted and inspired him. In Black Elk, Jackson has crafted a true American epic, restoring to its subject the richness of his times and gorgeously portraying a life of heroism and tragedy, adaptation and endurance, in an era of permanent crisis on the Great Plains.

Elk Hunting Guide

Author: Tom Airhart
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 0811710920
Size: 19.23 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Elk Hunting Guide. A thorough, informative guide to the growing sport of elk hunting with in-depth coverage of current equipment and gear Techniques for tracking elk and staying safe in the wilderness Advice on choosing guides and outfitters Specific advice for some of the most popular elk hunting regions in the country as well as rules of thumb for choosing reputable guides

The Wild Life Of Elk

Author: Donna Love
Publisher: Mountain Press
ISBN: 9780878425792
Size: 73.28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Wild Life Of Elk. Provides information about elk, including habitat, food, herd culture, and interaction with humans.

Black Elk Speaks

Author: John G. Neihardt
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438425406
Size: 36.57 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Black Elk Speaks. The famous story of the Lakota healer and visionary, Nicholas Black Elk.

Elk Of Eshia

Author: Lee Nicol
Publisher: Pronoun
ISBN: 1537878336
Size: 79.49 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Elk Of Eshia . Delph, Elk and Kadence find themselves thrust into the unknown on a journey of friendship, discovery and uncertainty. Faced with an ancient enemy that has surfaced after a long hiatus, bringing with them an unquenchable thirst to plunge Eshia into darkness. Can the friends hold it together long enough to defeat the savages once and for all or will they surrender to the darkness? And probably the most important question of all... Will Elk ever eat enough to satisfy his insatiable appetite. There’s only one way to find out! Grab a seat, hunker down and welcome to Eshia.

Elk And Elk Hunting

Author: Hartt Wixom
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 9780811706001
Size: 16.86 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Elk And Elk Hunting. Describes the characteristics and behavior of North American elk, gives practical advice on hunting procedures, and discusses game management, trophy hunting, and care of meat