Indian Creek Chronicles

Author: Pete Fromm
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0762766565
Size: 48.30 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Indian Creek Chronicles. "The wardens climbed into their truck, ready to leave. 'You'll need about seven cords of firewood. Concentrate on that. You'll have to get it all in before the snow grounds your truck.'" "Though I didn't want to ask, it seemed important. 'What's a cord?'" So begins Pete Fromm's seven winter months alone in a tent in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness guarding salmon eggs. After blundering into this forbidding errand as a college lark, Fromm gradually come face to face with the blunt realities of life as a contemporary mountain man. Brutal cold, isolation, and fearful risks balance against the satisfaction of living a unique existence in modern America. This award-winning narrative is a gripping story of adventure, a rousing tale of self-sufficiency, and modern-day Walden. From either perspective, Fromm lives up to his reputation as one of the West's strongest new voices.


Author: Deon Meyer
Publisher: Aufbau Digital
ISBN: 3841213812
Size: 59.26 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Fever. »Ich will vom Fieber erzählen, von unserer Stadt Amanzi – und von dem Mord an meinem Vater Willem.« Nicolaas Storm fährt mit seinem Vater Willem durch ein vollkommen verändertes Südafrika. Nach einem Fieber, das weltweit fünfundneunzig Prozent der Menschen getötet hat, versuchen die beiden, einen sicheren Platz zum Leben zu finden. Das Land ist in einem Zustand der Gesetzlosigkeit. Gangs ziehen schwerbewaffnet umher, wilde Tiere bedrohen die Menschen. Schließlich aber finden Vater und Sohn einen Platz für eine Siedlung. Andere Menschen stoßen zu ihnen – Abenteurer, elternlose Kinder, ehemalige Soldaten. Sie alle müssen die Gesetze des Überlebens neu lernen. Nico wird zum Schützen ausgebildet. Er verliebt sich in Sofia, die wildeste Frau, die jemals ihre kleine Stadt betreten hat, und er beginnt wieder an eine Zukunft zu glauben. Bis eine Katastrophe passiert... »Einen Roman zu schreiben ist wie eine Reise in ein unbekanntes Land. Und die Entdeckungen, die man während dieser Reise macht – über die eigene Welt und sich selbst, formen und verändern nicht nur die Geschichte, sondern auch den Autor. Der Grund, warum dieses Buch so besonders für mich ist, liegt darin, wie es mich und mein Schreiben verändert hat. Und wie es meinen Blick auf das menschliche Zusammensein neu geformt hat.« Deon Meyer.

The Names Of The Stars

Author: Pete Fromm
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1250101697
Size: 77.56 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Names Of The Stars. Winner of Honor Book for the 2016 Montana Book Award At twenty years old, Pete Fromm heard of a job babysitting salmon eggs, seven winter months alone in a tent in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. Leaping at this chance to be a mountain man, with no experience in the wilds, he left the world. Thirteen years later, he published his beloved memoir of that winter, Indian Creek Chronicles —Into the Wild with a twist. Twenty five years later, he was asked to return to the wilderness to babysit more fish eggs. But no longer a footloose twenty year old, at forty-five, he was the father of two young sons. He left again, alone, straight into the heart of Montana’s Bob Marshall wilderness, walking a daily ten mile loop to his fish eggs through deer and elk and the highest density of grizzly bears in the lower 48 states. The Names of the Stars is not only a story of wilderness and bears but also a trek through a life lived at its edges, showing how an impulsive kid transformed into a father without losing his love for the wilds. From loon calls echoing across Northwood lakes to the grim realities of life guarding in the Nevada desert, through the isolation of Indian Creek and years spent running the Snake and Rio Grande as a river ranger, Pete seeks out the source of this passion for wildness, as well as explores fatherhood and mortality and all the costs and risks and rewards of life lived on its own terms.

Hope And Dread In Montana Literature

Author: Ken Egan
Publisher: University of Nevada Press
ISBN: 9780874175080
Size: 47.90 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Hope And Dread In Montana Literature. From the narratives of early explorers and ranchers, Native Americans, and settler women through the works of such major twentieth-century luminaries as A. B. Guthrie and Ivan Doig, Egan traces the evolution of Montanans' early fantastic dreams of economic, religious, and cultural success into failure and despair, violence and tragedy. Yet, side by side with these tales of woe are tales of endurance and even triumph, evidence of the strength and creative potential of the state's people."--BOOK JACKET.

The Little Red Book Of Hunter S Wisdom

Author: Jay Cassell
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 162873132X
Size: 17.34 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Little Red Book Of Hunter S Wisdom. The Little Red Book of Hunter’s Wisdom is packed full of thoughtful and witty quotes on the essence of man and his relationship to the hunt, with all its joys, idiosyncrasies, and challenges. Being a true hunter is a way of life, and this book is packed with memorable comments from men and women who live and breathe it. Read musings on the hunt from such noteworthy folks as: Ernest Hemingway Annie Oakley Rudyard Kipling David Mamet William Faulkner Marco Polo And hundreds of others! The Little Red Book of Hunter’s Wisdom has words to live by for any outdoors enthusiast who enjoys a weekend in the woods or a relaxing Sunday on the lake. Whether you gobble it all up in one day or enjoy it over your lifetime, the wisdom in this book will last forever.

As Cool As I Am

Author: Pete Fromm
Publisher: Picador
ISBN: 1429974141
Size: 16.93 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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As Cool As I Am. As a teenager pretty much left to raise herself, Lucy Diamond is a narrator with a radiant yet guarded heart. As she races at breakneck pace toward womanhood, everything is at stake for her, producing an urgency and dread that she holds at bay with humor and grace. But while Lucy charges ahead, her mother's youth is fading. Simultaneously embracing and resisting their similarities, Fromm reveals both women's emotional vulnerabilities and their deep mutual need. Conveyed through dialogue that is both laugh-aloud-funny and true, Lucy stands out in contemporary literature for her large heart and inimitable grit.

The Spring Creek Chronicles

Author: Dick Kettlewell
Publisher: Farcountry Press
ISBN: 1560376368
Size: 50.98 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Spring Creek Chronicles. For nearly two decades, award-winning photographer Dick Kettlewell has celebrated the landscapes and wildlife of the North American prairie in images and words. Gleaned from the best of his photo essays originally published in the Rapid City Journal, here are stunning close-ups of free-ranging pronghorn, mountain goats in the Black Hills, spectacular sunsets, waterfowl and bald eagles, fields of wildflowers, and vast skyscapes. Kettlewell's stories of the native flora and fauna draw you into the interconnected life of this quintessential American ecosystem.