Physik Des Golfspiels

Author: Iv?n Egry
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527412557
Size: 55.64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Physik Des Golfspiels. Iv?n Egry ist Physiker und begeisterter Golfer ? er kennt nicht nur Begriffe wie ?Handicap?, ?Chippen?, ?Hook? und ?Slice? oder ?Putten?, nein, er kann auch genau erkl?ren, wie alles physikalisch funktioniert. Mit Physik des Golfspiels hat er nun eine L?cke geschlossen und das erste deutschsprachige Sachbuch zum Thema geschrieben. Ob Ballflug oder Treffmoment ? alles erkl?rt Egry verst?ndlich und mit so wenig Mathematik wie m?glich und entmystifiziert, ganz nebenbei, auch noch den ?perfekten? Golfschwung. Ob Flugbahn oder das Springen des Balls: Hinter allem steckt Physik An dem brachial klingenden Rat ?Wenn Du willst, dass der Ball weit fliegt, musst Du halt fest draufhauen? ist etwas dran, wenn man ihn richtig interpretiert. Richtig hei?t in diesem Fall: physikalisch. Denn auch das Golfspiel gehorcht den Gesetzen der Physik wie den Newton?schen Bewegungsgleichungen der klassischen Mechanik. Erst lesen, dann trainieren ? sonst geht der Schuss nach hinten los ?brigens: Wer w?hrend des Spiels zu viel dar?ber nachdenkt, wie es um seinen Golfschwung steht, der erlebt Paralyse durch Analyse ? denn Golf, so Egry, ?lebt von der Anwendung automatisierter Abl?ufe?. Erst lesen, dann viel trainieren und das Gelernte umsetzen. Golfer, die so an die Sache herangehen, werden auch ihre Leistungen steigern. Frisch auf also zum schwerkraftunterst?tzten Chippen, optimalen Drive oder den Putts bei seitlichem Gef?lle ? viel Freude und Erfolg dabei!

Relativistic Celestial Mechanics Of The Solar System

Author: Sergei Kopeikin
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527408568
Size: 24.26 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Relativistic Celestial Mechanics Of The Solar System. This authoritative book presents the theoretical development of gravitational physics as it applies to the dynamics of celestial bodies and the analysis of precise astronomical observations. In so doing, it fills the need for a textbook that teaches modern dynamical astronomy with a strong emphasis on the relativistic aspects of the subject produced by the curved geometry of four-dimensional spacetime. The first three chapters review the fundamental principles of celestial mechanics and of special and general relativity. This background material forms the basis for understanding relativistic reference frames, the celestial mechanics of N-body systems, and high-precision astrometry, navigation, and geodesy, which are then treated in the following five chapters. The final chapter provides an overview of the new field of applied relativity, based on recent recommendations from the International Astronomical Union. The book is suitable for teaching advanced undergraduate honors programs and graduate courses, while equally serving as a reference for professional research scientists working in relativity and dynamical astronomy. The authors bring their extensive theoretical and practical experience to the subject. Sergei Kopeikin is a professor at the University of Missouri, while Michael Efroimsky and George Kaplan work at the United States Naval Observatory, one of the world?s premier institutions for expertise in astrometry, celestial mechanics, and timekeeping.

The Physics Of Golf

Author: Theodore P. Jorgensen
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1441986189
Size: 76.61 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Physics Of Golf. This revised and expanded bestseller includes a new chapter on putting, a new appendix on the fundamental physics covered in the book, increased coverage of modern club design, and an updated reference section. As in the previous book, most of the mathematics is relegated to a technical appendix. The first edition of this book was enthusiastically received by the both the science press in Physics Today, IEEE Spectrum, and Nature and the golf world in American Golf Pro and Golf Week.

The Life Of O Reilly

Author: John O'Reilly
Publisher: Gale Cengage
ISBN: 9781585360598
Size: 16.83 MB
Format: PDF
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The Life Of O Reilly. John O'Reilly was one of European golf's most famous caddies for 25 years. Life of O'Reilly is a chronicle of his career with many funny stories as only this Irishman can tell them.

Nanophysics Of Solar And Renewable Energy

Author: Edward L. Wolf
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527646302
Size: 70.80 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Nanophysics Of Solar And Renewable Energy. This easy accessible textbook provides an overview of solar to electric energy conversion, followed by a detailed look at one aspect, namely photovoltaics, including the underlying principles and fabrication methods. Ed Wolf, an experienced author and teacher, reviews such green technologies as solar-heated-steam power, hydrogen, and thermoelectric generation, as well as nuclear fusion. Throughout the book, carefully chosen, up-to-date examples are used to illustrate important concepts and research tools. The opening chapters give a broad and exhaustive survey of long term energy resources, reviewing current and potential types of solar driven energy sources. The core part of the text on solar energy conversion discusses different concepts for generating electric power, followed by a profound presentation of the underlying semiconductor physics and rounded off by a look at efficiency and third-generation concepts. The concluding section offers a rough analysis of the economics relevant to the large-scale adoption of photovoltaic conversion with a discussion of such issues as durability, manufacturability and cost, as well as the importance of storage. The book is self-contained so as to be suitable for students with introductory calculus-based courses in physics, chemistry, or engineering. It introduces concepts in quantum mechanics, atomic and molecular physics, plus the solid state and semiconductor junction physics needed to attain a quantitative understanding of the current status of this field. With its comments on economic aspects, it is also a useful tool for those readers interested in a career in alternative energy.

Physics Ii For Dummies

Author: Steven Holzner
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470640677
Size: 79.25 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Physics Ii For Dummies. A plain-English guide to advanced physics Does just thinking about the laws of motion make your head spin? Does studying electricity short your circuits? Physics II For Dummies walks you through the essentials and gives you easy-to-understand and digestible guidance on this often intimidating course. Thanks to this book, you don?t have to be Einstein to understand physics. As you learn about mechanical waves and sound, forces and fields, electric potential and electric energy, and much more, you?ll appreciate the For Dummies law: The easier we make it, the faster you?ll understand it! An extension of the successful Physics I For Dummies Covers topics in a straightforward and effective manner Explains concepts and terms in a fast and easy-to-understand way Whether you?re currently enrolled in an undergraduate-level Physics II course or just want a refresher on the fundamentals of advanced physics, this no-nonsense guide makes this fascinating topic accessible to everyone.

Strangers On A Bridge

Author: James Donovan
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 150111879X
Size: 31.80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Strangers On A Bridge. The #1 New York Times bestseller and subject of the acclaimed major motion picture Bridge of Spies directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Tom Hanks as James B. Donovan. Originally published in 1964, this is the “enthralling…truly remarkable” (The New York Times Book Review) insider account of the Cold War spy exchange—with a new foreword by Jason Matthews, New York Times bestselling author of Red Sparrow and Palace of Treason. In the early morning of February 10, 1962, James B. Donovan began his walk toward the center of the Glienicke Bridge, the famous “Bridge of Spies” which then linked West Berlin to East. With him, walked Rudolf Ivanovich Abel, master spy and for years the chief of Soviet espionage in the United States. Approaching them from the other side, under equally heavy guard, was Francis Gary Powers, the American U-2 spy plane pilot famously shot down by the Soviets, whose exchange for Abel Donovan had negotiated. These were the strangers on a bridge, men of East and West, representatives of two opposed worlds meeting in a moment of high drama. Abel was the most gifted, the most mysterious, the most effective spy in his time. His trial, which began in a Brooklyn United States District Court and ended in the Supreme Court of the United States, chillingly revealed the methods and successes of Soviet espionage. No one was better equipped to tell the whole absorbing history than James B. Donovan, who was appointed to defend one of his country’s enemies and did so with scrupulous skill. In Strangers on a Bridge, the lead prosecutor in the Nuremburg Trials offers a clear-eyed and fast-paced memoir that is part procedural drama, part dark character study and reads like a noirish espionage thriller. From the first interview with Abel to the exchange on the bridge in Berlin—and featuring unseen photographs of Donovan and Abel as well as trial notes and sketches drawn from Abel’s prison cell—here is an important historical narrative that is “as fascinating as it is exciting” (The Houston Chronicle).