Resonances In The Earth Ionosphere Cavity

Author: A.P. Nickolaenko
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781402007545
Size: 40.39 MB
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Resonances In The Earth Ionosphere Cavity. This book on electromagnetic resonance phenomena describes a general approach to physical problems, ways to solve them, and properties of the solutions obtained. Attention is given to the discussion and interpretation of formal and experimental data and their links to global atmospheric conditions such as the dynamics of global thunderstorm activity, variations of the effective height of the lower ionosphere, etc. Schumann resonance is related to worldwide thunderstorm activity, and simultaneously, to global properties of the lower ionosphere. Transverse resonance is predominantly a local phenomenon containing information on the local height and conductivity of the lower ionosphere and on nearby thunderstorm activity. Transient events in ELF-VLF radio propagation are also treated. These are natural pulsed radio signals and/or abrupt changes of manmade VLF radio signals. The transients associated with cloud-to-ionosphere discharges (red sprites, blue jets, trolls) are discussed, and clarification of the underlying physical ideas and their practical applications to pioneer results achieved in the field recently are emphasised.

Atlas Of Neutron Resonances

Author: Said F. Mughabghab
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0444637796
Size: 42.53 MB
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Atlas Of Neutron Resonances. Atlas of Neutron Resonances: Resonance Properties and Thermal Cross Sections Z= 1-60, Sixth Edition, contains an extensive list of detailed individual neutron resonance parameters for Z=1-60, as well as thermal cross sections, capture resonance integrals, average resonance parameters and a short survey of the physics of thermal and resonance neutrons. The long introduction contains: nuclear physics formulas aimed at neutron physicists; topics of special interest such as valence neutron capture, nuclear level density parameters, and s-, p-, and d-wave neutron strength functions; and various comparisons of measured quantities with the predictions of nuclear models, such as the optical model. As in the last edition, additional features have been added to appeal to a wider spectrum of users. These include: spin-dependent scattering lengths that are of interest to solid-state physicists, nuclear physicists and neutron evaluators; calculated and measured Maxwellian average 5-keV and 30-keV capture cross sections of importance to astrophysicists involved in nucleosynthesis modeling; s-, p-, and d-wave average radiative widths; and, nuclear level density parameters. Provides a comparison of average resonance parameters with optical model calculations and with the generalized Landau-Fermi model Presents scattering radii for various partial waves from the analysis of total neutron cross sections in the keV to MeV energy region Includes a brief review of sub-threshold fission Examines consistent treatment of average neutron parameters with values from the resolved resonance region


Author: Erkki Brändas
Publisher: Not Avail
ISBN: 9783540509943
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Resonances. Scattering theory is of interest to physicists and to chemists and has a wide variety of applications, but it also presents a considerable challenge to mathematicians, including numerical analysts. Within the SchrAdinger picture in this volume are collected the various theoretical and mathematical treatments of scattering together with a host of reviews of its applications to atomic and nuclear physics, to surface physics and chemistry, for example trapping of atoms on surfaces, and to amorphous condensed systems. The reviews give a concise and pedagogically useful presentation of the state of the art, and may serve as introductions for newcomers, in particular for graduate students.

Giant Resonances

Author: M. N. Harakeh
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 9780198517337
Size: 43.88 MB
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Giant Resonances. Giant resonances are collective excitations of the atomic nucleus, a typical quantum many-body system. The study of these fundamental modes has in many respects contributed to our understanding of the bulk behaviour of the nucleus and of the dynamics of non-equilibrium excitations. Although the phenomenon of giant resonances has been known for more than 50 years, a large amount of information has been obtained in the last 10 years. This book gives an up-to-date, comprehensive account of our present knowledge of giant resonances. It presents the experimental facts and the techniques used to obtain that information, describes how these facts fit into theoretical concepts and how this allows to determine various nuclear properties which are otherwise difficult to obtain. Included as an introduction is an overview of the main facts, a short history of how the field has developed in the course of time, and a discussion of future perspectives.

Electric And Magnetic Giant Resonances In Nuclei

Author: J. Speth
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789810237981
Size: 71.48 MB
Format: PDF
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Electric And Magnetic Giant Resonances In Nuclei. This is the most recent and complete review on giant resonances in nuclei. It includes electric as well as magnetic collective states and a detailed discussion on the excitation mechanisms and the decay properties is given.