Author: John V. Tolan
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231506465
Size: 44.21 MB
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Saracens. -- Alastair Hamilton, Times Literary Supplement

Saracens Demons Jews

Author: Debra Higgs Strickland
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691057194
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Saracens Demons Jews. During the crusades, Ethiopians, Jews, Muslims, and Mongols were branded enemies of the Christian majority. Illustrated with strikingly imaginative and still disturbing images, this book reveals the outrageously pejorative ways these rejected social groups were represented--often as monsters, demons, or freaks of nature. Such monstrous images of non-Christians were not rare displays but a routine aspect of medieval public and private life. These images, which reached a broad and socially varied audience across western Europe, appeared in virtually all artistic media, including illuminated manuscripts, stained glass, sculpture, metalwork, and tapestry. Debra Higgs Strickland introduces and decodes images of the "monstrous races," from demonlike Jews and man-eating Tartars to Saracens with dog heads or animal bodies. Strickland traces the origins of the negative pictorial code used to portray monsters, demons, and non-Christian peoples to pseudoscientific theories of astrology, climate, and physiognomy, some dating back to classical times. She also considers the code in light of contemporary Christian eschatological beliefs and concepts of monstrosity and rejection. This is the first study to situate representations of the enemies of medieval Christendom within the broader cultural context of literature, theology, and politics. It is also the first to explore the elements of that imagery as a code and to elucidate the artistic means by which boundaries were effectively blurred between imaginary monsters and rejected social groups.

Franks And Saracens

Author: Avner Falk
Publisher: Karnac Books
ISBN: 1855757338
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Franks And Saracens. This is the first and only book to examine the Crusades from the added viewpoint of psychoanalysis, studying the hidden emotions and fantasies that drove the Crusaders and the Muslims to undertake their terrible wars. The reader will learn that the deepest and most poweful motives for the Crusades were not only religious or territorial - or the quest for lands, wealth or titles - but also unconscious emotions and fantasies about one's country, one's religion, one's enemies, God and the Devil, and Us and Them. The book also focuses on the collective inability to mourn large-group losses and the collective needs of large groups such as nations and religions to develop a clear identity, to have boundaries, and to have enemies and allies. Motives which the Crusaders and the Muslims were not aware of were among the most powerful in driving several centuries of terrible and seemingly endless warfare.

The Saracens From The Earliest Times To The Fall Of Baghdad

Author: Arthur Gilman
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing
ISBN: 9781417912483
Size: 54.29 MB
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The Saracens From The Earliest Times To The Fall Of Baghdad. 1890. With maps, many illustrations, a chronological table, and a list of books treating the subject. Contents: How the Story Begins; Creatures of Fire, Light and Clay; The Times of Ignorance; The Year of the Elephant; The Sacrilegious War; The Camel-Driver of the Desert; The Man of Affairs Meditates; The Month Ramadan; A Prophet with Little Honor; Fugitives in a Strange Land; A Twofold Cord Broken; To the Seventh Heaven; In a Cave; The Year One; Islam; The Sword is Drawn; Victory for Mecca; The Battle of the Ditch; Exiles in an Empty City; The Mother of Cities Conquered; How Taif was Besieged and Taken; A Farewell Pilgrimage; The First Successor; Can Islam be Shaken Off?; Reaching Out to Chaldea and Babylonia; Palestine and Mesopotamia Conquered; Jerusalem Captured; How Egypt and Persia were Conquered; Favoritism and Intrigue; The Misfortunes of Ali, Father of Hasan; The Tragedy of Moharrem; The Victories of Abd El Melik; The Glory of the Omiades; The Stroke of the Hammer; The Black Flag of Abbas; By Bagdad's Shrines; Aaron the Orthodox; Gold and Dross; Glimmerings and Decays; The Grip of the Turk Tightens; and The Fatal Blow.

Ramage And The Saracens

Author: Dudley Pope
Publisher: House of Stratus
ISBN: 0755124677
Size: 57.90 MB
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Ramage And The Saracens. Captain Ramage sails to Naples in the frigate Calypso. It is not long after Trafalgar and the last thing he expects is an encounter with two French ships of the line. Adventure follows, as it does when he finally arrives in Naples and is ordered to sail to Sicily where the Saraceni - Barbary Coast pirates - have been attacking the local ports.

Don Quixote Among The Saracens

Author: Frederick A. de Armas
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442696117
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Don Quixote Among The Saracens. The fictional Don Quixote was constantly defeated in his knightly adventures. In writing Quixote's story, however, Miguel Cervantes succeeded in a different kind of quest — the creation of a modern novel that ‘conquers’ and assimilates countless literary genres. /spanDon Quixote among the Saracens considers how Cervantes's work reflects the clash of civilizations and anxieties towards cultural pluralism that permeated Golden Age Spain. Frederick A. de Armas unravels an essential mystery of one of world literature's best known figures: why Quixote sets out to revive knight errantry, and why he comes to feel at home only among the Moorish ‘Saracens,’ a people whom Quixote feared at the beginning of the novel. De Armas also reveals Quixote's inner conflicts as both a Christian who vows to battle the infidel, but also a secret Saracen sympathizer. While delving into genre theory, Don Quixote among the Saracens adds a new dimension to our understandings of Spain's multicultural history.