Author: Yael Halevi-Wise
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 0804781710
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Sephardism. In this book, Sephardism is defined not as an expression of Sephardic identity but as a politicized literary metaphor. Since the nineteenth century, this metaphor has occurred with extraordinary frequency in works by authors from a variety of ethnicities, religions, and nationalities in Europe, the Americas, North Africa, Israel, and even India. Sephardism asks why Gentile and Jewish writers and cultural figures have chosen to draw upon the medieval Sephardic experience to express their concerns about dissidents and minorities in modern nations? To what extent does their use of Sephardism overlap with other politicized discourses such as orientalism, hispanism, and medievalism, which also emerged from a clash between authoritarian, progressive, and romantic ideologies? This book brings a new approach to Sephardic Studies by situating it at a crossroads between Jewish Studies and Hispanic Studies in ways that enhance our appreciation of how historical fiction and political history have shaped, and were shaped by, historical attitudes toward Jews and their representation.

Sephardic Identity

Author: George K. Zucker
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 9780786420216
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Sephardic Identity. "These essays are divided into sections exploring history, sociology, anthropology, language, literature, and the performing arts. An introduction to Sephardism begins the work and a conclusion discusses the Sephardic Education Center, which hopes to assu

Books And Bombs In Buenos Aires

Author: Edna Aizenberg
Publisher: Brandeis Univ
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Books And Bombs In Buenos Aires. A courageous study of cultural resistance to xenophobia and terrorism through the prism of influential writings by Borges, Gerchunoff, and their successor Latin American Jewish writers.


Author: Gillian Rose
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Paradiso. Shortly before her death Gillian Rose began work on a new book - her Paradiso - thus fulfilling her promise at the end of Love's Work to 'stay in the fray, in the revel of ideas and risk'. Confident even only a week before her death that she could complete the work, all that remains are these fragments here published for the first time. In them Rose combined the detached insight of one who is taking leave, or who has almost left, with a desire to participate in the joys of life until the last. Exceeding the injunction quoted in Love's Work to 'keep your mind in hell and despair not', Paradiso sketches a movement through the hell and despair of terminal illness to an affirmation of the joys of companionship and memory.