A Study Companion To The Bible

Author: Anthony Le Donne
Publisher: Fortress Press
ISBN: 1451484240
Size: 65.60 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 4394

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A Study Companion To The Bible. From its very first pages, Jerry L. Sumney’s The Bible: An Introduction offers clear answers to the most basic questions that first-time students and curious inquirers bring to the Bible. Without presuming either prior knowledge of the Bible or a particular attitude toward it, Jerry L. Sumney uses straightforward language to lead the reader on an exploration of the Bible’s contents and the history of its writings, showing how critical methods help readers understand what they find in the Bible. This Study Companion is a handy complement to the textbook, providing primary readings and a running glossary of terms keyed to the textbook along with exercises for further reflection.

A Study Companion To Introduction To The Hebrew Bible

Author: Ryan P. Bonfiglio
Publisher: Fortress Press
ISBN: 1451484232
Size: 61.62 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 2096

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A Study Companion To Introduction To The Hebrew Bible. John J. Collins’ Introduction to the Hebrew Bible is one of the most widely used textbooks in the world, and for good reason. Balanced and richly informative, it introduces current thinking and leads the student into the important interpretive questions. This Study Companion is tied directly to the Introduction and features essential primary readings keyed to the text, along with a running timeline feature and discussions of technical terms, archaeological sites, and methods and concepts in biblical studies. Students can use the study companion as a workbook and a handy complement to the textbook and the Hebrew Bible itself.

David C Cook S Bible Lesson Commentary

Author: Dan Lioy
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 9781434767547
Size: 67.89 MB
Format: PDF
View: 987

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David C Cook S Bible Lesson Commentary. A one-stop Bible resource for teachers, each volume contains 52 weeks of Bible lessons based on the International Sunday School Lessons series.

The Cambridge Companion To Biblical Interpretation

Author: John Barton
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521485937
Size: 34.23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 5633

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The Cambridge Companion To Biblical Interpretation. This book provides the first complete guide for students to the present state of biblical studies. The twenty-one specially commissioned chapters are written by established scholars from North America and Britain, and represent both traditional and contemporary points of view. The chapters in Part One cover all the methods and approaches currently practised in the academic study of the Bible, while those in Part Two examine the major categories of books in the Bible from the perspective of recent scholarship - e.g. historical books of the Old Testament, Gospels, prophetic literature. Major issues raised are: the relation of modern 'critical' study of the Bible to 'pre-critical' and 'post-critical' approaches; the place of history in the study of the Bible; feminist, liberationist and new historicist concerns; the relation of Christian and Jewish scholarship; and recent interest in the Bible as literature.

Joy At Work

Author: Brad Smith
Publisher: PVG
ISBN: 9780976268659
Size: 44.71 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 1080

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Joy At Work. Back in the Garden, work was fun. Yet, in today’s fallen world, joy and work are rarely used in the same sentence. But God really does intend for us to find joy in our work. Join Raymond Bakke, Brad Smith, and Bill Hendricks as they explore what the Bible says about the purpose of business and our right to a joyful workplace. No matter where you spend those 50 or 60 hours during the week—whether it’s in business, government, or the nonprofit sector; in church, at home, or anywhere else—God intends for you to find joy in your work. This 10-week study accompanies Joy at Work, a book by Dennis W. Bakke, co-founder and CEO of AES, a worldwide energy giant with 40,000 employees in 31 countries. Shaped by his faith, Bakke recounts his quest to create the most fun workplace ever—using principles established in the Garden. This study provides the biblical map that he used as he charted and led that journey. Starting with the Genesis record of creation and moving through Revelation, this Bible study supplements Joy at Work with: Biblical readings that unveil the principles behind each chapter in Joy at Work A synthesis of theological principles Reflective questions to prepare readers for small-group discussion Questions for small-group discussion Guidelines for immediate and long-term application for business and nonprofit leaders at all levels of corporations and organizations. The Joy at Work experience has the power to profoundly change your workplace and your life.

The Eerdmans Companion To The Bible

Author: Gordon D. Fee
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 0802838235
Size: 19.45 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3989

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The Eerdmans Companion To The Bible. An introduction to the Bible offers background material on the text, its history, and the Bible world, summaries of each section and book, and information on civilization in Biblical times and the historical context.

Faith In The Midst Study Guide

Author: Lynn
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1512727504
Size: 67.30 MB
Format: PDF
View: 5643

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Faith In The Midst Study Guide. The Rose Garden and the Ring is the heartfelt account of two women sharing their very real emotions and the faith-filled journey to healing after a spousal affair. In the book, the two ladies hope readers will discover they are not alone. The Faith in the Midst Study Guide takes it one step further and applies the concepts set forth in the book to a Bible-study format. The guide was designed to be used in conjunction with the book, however, is not limited to the topic of adultery alone. Here is a glimpse of what is covered inside: How big is your faith? Daily walking with God through crisi Options for help How to deal with out-of-control feelings and thoughts Is the grass always greener? Children and adversity Revenge and forgiveness Gods promises Time and miracles The Bible is a living word that takes us from despair to hope and understanding if we rely on God to pull us all the way through. Set aside time to go on a journey toward healing or join a group and share!

Anselm Companion To The Bible

Author: Corrine L. Carvalho
Publisher: Anselm Academic
ISBN: 9781599824949
Size: 48.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 2166

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Anselm Companion To The Bible. With contributions from leading North American biblical scholars, The Anselm Companion to the Bible is geared to students of diverse faith backgrounds who are new to studying the Bible in an academic environment. The Companion offers ease and flexibility as it can be used with any translation of the Bible. Filled with well-written essays on a variety of topics, the Companion also engages readers with full-color images, thoughtful study and discussion questions, and a brief bibliography. The Companion is organized into four parts: introductions to biblical studies and the Old and New Testaments, and a collection of additional study aids.

David C Cook S Kjv Bible Lesson Commentary

Author: Dan Lioy
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 9781434767530
Size: 43.71 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 1428

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David C Cook S Kjv Bible Lesson Commentary. The David C. Cook Bible Lesson Commentary, NIV and KJV (formerly Peloubet's and Tarbell's), contains fifty-two weeks of Bible lessons based on the International Sunday School Lessons (ISSL) series. Each week's lesson includes extensive Bible commentary, teaching suggestions, and questions for adults and youth. The DCC BLC is ideal for teachers with a limited amount of time to study and prepare, and enables them to guide their class through all the major Bible themes and books in a systematic manner. It's a one-stop Bible resource for any teacher of youth or adults. With so much to offer, its no wonder teachers depend on it. A full year's curriculum in one handy, value-priced reference. Takes classes through all the major Bible themes and books systematically for better Bible learning. Offers solid, trustworthy content for both pastors and teachers. Includes illuminating Bible backgrounds and commentary, daily home Bible readings, lessons aimed for adult and youth classes, and much more. Ideal for those who have a limited amount of time to study and prepare. A one-stop Bible resource that relates the truths of Scripture to everyday life.