The Art Of Effective Facilitation

Author: Lisa M. Landreman
Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC.
ISBN: 1579229743
Size: 12.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Art Of Effective Facilitation. How can I apply learning and social justice theory to become a better facilitator?

Should I prepare differently for workshops around specific identities?

How do I effectively respond when things aren?t going as planned?

This book is intended for the increasing number of faculty and student affairs administrators ? at whatever their level of experience -- who are being are asked to become social justice educators to prepare students to live successfully within, and contribute to, an equitable multicultural society.

It will enable facilitators to create programmes that go beyond superficial discussion of the issues to fundamentally address the structural and cultural causes of inequity, and provide students with the knowledge and skills to work for a more just society. Beyond theory, design, techniques and advice on practice, the book concludes with a section on supporting student social action.

The authors illuminate the art and complexity of facilitation, describe multiple approaches, and discuss the necessary and ongoing reflection process. What sets this book apart is how the authors illustrate these practices through personal narratives of challenges encountered, and by admitting to their struggles and mistakes.

They emphasise the need to prepare by taking into account such considerations as the developmental readiness of the participants, and the particular issues and historical context of the campus, before designing and facilitating a social justice training or selecting specific exercises.

The book is informed by the recognition that ?the magic is almost never in the exercise or the handout but, instead, is in the facilitation?; and by the authors? commitment to help educators identify and analyse dehumanising processes on their campuses and in society at large, reflect on their own socialisation, and engage in proactive strategies to dismantle oppression.

Making Group Work Easy

Author: Steven A. Schiola
Publisher: R&L Education
ISBN: 1607097761
Size: 78.41 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Making Group Work Easy. This book teaches a process that will help both teachers and administrators plan for and conduct meetings that are meaningful, useful, and that generate results. The place to start this work is before the meeting even begins. A careful look at the purposes of the meeting, the working agreements that the group will use, and the agenda will provide the framework for a successful outcome. Once learned, this structure can be used again and again. In addition, you will learn what to do in those cases when decorum breaks down, or you can't reach consensus, or a member of the group is not cooperating. You will also learn decision-making techniques that allow meaningful participation by all members of the group and how to prioritize a number of efforts. The effective structure of meetings along with other techniques to employ when things go wrong will make anyone an effective meeting facilitator!

The Art Of Facilitation

Author: Dale Hunter
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470467924
Size: 12.25 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Art Of Facilitation. Praise for the Revised Edition of The Art of Facilitation "The Art of Facilitation picks up where most other books stop. It describes a whole new array of process tools in a totally accessible way. It delves into the underlying ethics of facilitation to clarify complex questions. This book is also beautifully written. After many years in the profession, I was surprised at the subtle way it helped me gain a new understanding of a number of important facilitation dilemmas. A very insightful contribution to the field!" —Ingrid Bens, M.Ed., facilitation tutor, Sarasota, Florida, and author of Facilitating with Ease, Advanced Facilitation Strategies, and Facilitating to Lead "Few books attempt such a broad scope and enriching view of group facilitation. Hunter provides a 'philosophy' of group facilitation, mixed with 'how to.' This is an impressive book, integrating a sincere concern for the reader's personal development." —Sandy Schuman, editor of The IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation "Dale Hunter is a giant among practitioners, one of the pioneers in the field, and The Art of Facilitation is a classic. This book distills Dale's years of experience into straightforward, practical advice. Her wisdom comes through in every chapter." —Sam Kaner, Ph.D., author of the international bestseller, Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making "In The Art of Facilitation, Dale Hunter treats readers to an exploration of the field of facilitation at the same time she presents her unique approach. Throughout the book, in simple language, Hunter offers a powerful and important message—to facilitate others effectively you must facilitate yourself. Take Hunter's advice and your clients will thank you." —Roger Schwarz, author of The Skilled Facilitator and coauthor of The Skilled Facilitator Fieldbook

From Management To Leadership

Author: Jo Manion
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0787979767
Size: 79.42 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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From Management To Leadership. "I used to wonder why we have so many health care managers and so few health care leaders. If you are curious about the same thing--Jo Manion explains it all in this book." --Leland R. Kaiser, president, Kaiser Consulting "Today's challenging health care environment requires leadership qualities based on fundamental interpersonal competencies. In this book Manion presents helpful insights with lots of examples for aspiring health care team members." --James W. Varnum, president, Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Alliance "Unique in presenting essential leadership content in a competency framework using real life examples, Jo Manion's From Management to Leadership is for anyone in or seeking a leadership role in today's chaotic, rollercoaster health care or education system." --Carole Kenner, dean and professor, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center College of Nursing "For anyone who wants to be reminded about what sound leadership entails, this is the book for them. I recommend it without reservation." --Tim Porter-O'Grady, senior partner, Tim Porter-O'Grady Associates, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia and co-author of Quantum Leadership: A Textbook of New Leadership "The communication, coaching, and motivational theories and tools Manion brings together are comprehensive and just what is needed for any leader seeking better results." --Mary Jenkins, co-author, Abolishing Performance Appraisals and vice president of organizational learning and development, Genesys Regional Medical Center, Grand Blanc, Michigan

Facilitator S And Trainer S Toolkit

Author: Artie Mahal
Publisher: Technics Publications
ISBN: 1634620364
Size: 19.30 MB
Format: PDF
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Facilitator S And Trainer S Toolkit. Master frameworks, techniques, and tools for conducting meetings, leading sessions and workshops, and transferring knowledge through education and training. In addition to focusing on proven methods, this book contains many new and innovative ideas developed through decades of the author’s experience. There are 12 chapters: • Chapter 1, Facilitation Framework, classifies all facilitation types into four generic categories: Strategies and Solutions, Programs and Processes, Learning and Development, and Cooperation and Collaboration. • Chapter 2, Value Proposition, leverages the Career Steps Framework to prove the return on investment of facilitation skills and competency. • Chapter 3, Facilitation Process, explains each phase of the facilitation process: Contract, Prepare, During Session, Conclude, and Evaluate. • Chapter 4, Facilitation Leadership, explores Napoleon Hills’ eleven factors of leadership, along with values, ethics, and competencies established by the International Association of Facilitators. • Chapter 5, Engagers and Energizers, reveals the art and science of educating and transferring learning to adults and optimizing the engagement of session participants using Dr. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. • Chapter 6, Tools, introduces the foundational technique of brainstorming and shows how to use 35 handy facilitation tools for a variety of situations including problem solving, group dynamics, and storytelling. • Chapter 7, Workshop Environment, outlines facilitation-friendly principles followed by guidance on room set up, various seating patterns, equipment, food, and supplies. • Chapter 8, Virtual Facilitation, provides suitable alternatives to face-to-face facilitation using practical techniques in four key areas: Engagement, Relationship, Communication, and Technology. • Chapter 9, Cross-Cultural Facilitation, introduces proven techniques for how to facilitate learning transfer and effective collaboration across cultures through the application of Dr. Geert Hofsgtede’s dimensions of cross-cultural communication. • Chapter 10, Visual Facilitation, introduces the power of Visuals and Graphics Recording as a tool for effective collaboration and communication in organizational settings. • Chapter 11, Self-Development, provides guidelines on how to develop your facilitation competency and track your progress. This chapter concludes with the author’s own journey on becoming an accomplished facilitator. • Chapter 12, Tools Library, outlines a step-by-step approach along with templates and examples where each of the 35 tools from Chapter 6 can be successfully leveraged. The book concludes with a section on facilitator and trainer resources. Good facilitation is often the difference between a meeting that delivers outputs and actions, and one that delivers breakthrough solutions and results. Artie Mahal, who is a master facilitator and trainer, has delivered an easy to read book that describes the science and art of effective facilitation. He offers insights, techniques, tools, and knowledge that anyone can use to improve their facilitation and training skills. Paul Marabella Vice President & Chief Information Officer K. Hovnanian Companies, LLC USA In this book Artie has brought together a great collection of tools, techniques and advice that provides a sound basis for anyone looking to become a more engaging and effective facilitator. Phil Short IT Director, Speaker, Business Process Practitioner Canada Artie Mahal used his wealth of experience in process management to create an easy to read book and a process to follow for any facilitator and trainer. The book contains valuable tools, templates, checklists, methodology, and a framework. He created a great framework structure for any facilitated session to deal with various business issues such as strategies, processes, projects, and team cooperation and collaboration. Bassam A. AlKharashi Director of Business Innovation Services, ES Consulting Saudi Arabia Artie Mahal has taken a difficult and often misunderstood skill and made it easy to learn for the professional and novice alike. As a skilled facilitator for the past twenty-five years, this book has helped me “sharpen the saw” with new tools and concepts to help tackle any business challenge. For the novice facilitator, this book is an excellent guide as Mr. Mahal provides in-depth background and context for each facilitation concept before diving in with tools, tips, and techniques to master that concept. Jeffrey Diton BPTrends Certified BPM Professional, Business Process Center of Excellence Director USA Knowledge in any form aims to bring transformation. Mr. Mahal has articulated his own experience and training skills in form of this book as an endeavor to share his expertise and bring transformation in many lives. Today, the world is full of challenges and I would say that the challenges are like strangers’ appearing on the floor all of sudden. You need to be equipped with all tools and techniques to face such exigencies. For this, either you have to be trained or you must know how to train others to achieve desired goal. This text caters to both requirements. The flow of text is tremendously designed from Framework to proposition, process, Leadership, Engaging, Techniques of training and environment. Each part of the book is thoroughly shaped up and presented in real terms. Dr. Sandhir Sharma Dean, Chitkara Business School, Chitkara University India Artie Mahal has kindly given the blueprint on how to "wow" your audience every time they attend a session. The book in essence lays out practical processes facilitators can follow to ensure learning is happening, collaboration is taking place and your learners will be engaged! After reading this book, you will never facilitate a workshop, training session or meeting ever the same again. Faisal Usta Senior Account Executive in Learning and Development. USA Sooner or later you will have to facilitate. You have two options to get or improve facilitation competence: a) the long and painful trial and error way or b) the short and smart way, namely, using other experiences to prevent the errors, learn the shortcuts and avoid the pitfalls. This is a book for novice and even experienced facilitators. Read it. Use it. Learn from it. Take the short and smart way! Alexandre Magno Vazquez Mello BPM Experts, Partner and CEO Brazil People working together provide the foundation of human achievement. As we continue to move toward work that is more intellectual than physical, unlocking, compiling and harmonizing divergent views toward some common understanding is best accomplished through competent facilitation. This is not easy. In this groundbreaking book, Arjit Mahal moves far beyond a description of tools and techniques by providing a framework for the development of a career and, if desired a successful business in the growing area of facilitation. Dr. Edward Peters Chief Executive Officer, OpenConnect Systems Incorporated USA

Facilitating With Ease Core Skills For Facilitators Team Leaders And Members Managers Consultants And Trainers

Author: Ingrid Bens
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 111818114X
Size: 23.34 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Facilitating With Ease Core Skills For Facilitators Team Leaders And Members Managers Consultants And Trainers. Since the publication of the first edition of Facilitating with Ease! in 2000, this bestselling book has become the "go-to" reference for anyone who wants to become skilled in the art of facilitation. This thoroughly revised and updated third edition includes easy-to-follow instructions, techniques, and hands-on tools. Facilitating with Ease! offers the basics on running productive meetings with confidence and includes the information needed to train others to become skilled facilitators as well. Filled with dozens of exercises, surveys, and checklists that can be used to transform anyone into an effective facilitator, this revised editioncovers new topics such as: Why and when leaders should facilitate and how to manage neutrality Diversity, globalization, new technologies, and employee engagement When leaders should facilitate and when others should do it Sharing facilitation with others This new edition also includes meeting design template, surveys, and questionnaires Praise for Facilitating with Ease! "Facilitating With Ease! provides clear and effective guidelines for group facilitation. In China we are using this book to help organizations develop facilitative leaders who can successfully invoke the spirit of cooperation and team synergy." ?Ren Wei, professional facilitator, X'ian, China "Facilitating With Ease! helps beginners as well as experienced facilitators find their way among different aspects of facilitation. Easy to understand, this book provides insight into the principles of facilitation and examples of practical applications for concrete situations." ?Sieglinde Hinger, Siemens Corporation, Austria "Facilitating with Ease! is the fundamental read if you want to be an effective facilitator. We refer to it all the time and consider it a core competency for our consultants." ?Ian Madell, managing director, LEVEL5 Branded Business Advisors, Toronto, Canada "If you're only going to buy one book on facilitation, this is the one to buy! That's what we tell the managers, consultants and facilitators who attend our facilitation training programs. It's a gold mine of ideas, resources and practical tools." ?Ronnie McEwan, director, Kinharvie Institute, Glasgow, Scotland "I have been using Ingrid's materials for many years and find her books to be far above everything else out there. This latest revision builds on what was already great and will surely increase the effectiveness of any practitioner." ?Mark Vilbert, program leader, Boeing Leadership Center

The Art Of Great Training Delivery

Author: Jean Barbazette
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780787985660
Size: 70.36 MB
Format: PDF
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The Art Of Great Training Delivery. The Art of Great Training Delivery is designed to help trainers move their training and facilitation skills to the next level of performance.?Written by Jean Barbazette--an expert in the field of training and development--this vital resource is filled with down-to-earth advice and illustrative examples for selecting and using a variety of training?methods. Her advice helps trainers create the best learning experience that will improve learner retention.?The book covers a wealth of topics including how to use case studies, conduct inventories, exercises, games, and simulations, facilitate role plays, as well as conduct effective and safe demonstrations and administer tests. The Art of Great Training Delivery is a volume in The Skilled Trainer series. Praise for The Art of Great Training Delivery "What a gift to the training profession! Once again Jean has packaged valuable tips, tools, and techniques to make every trainer's life easier and more complete. From setting a learning climate to administering tests; selecting an icebreaker to completing follow-up; how to facilitate case studies and role plays; enhancing your training style--it's all here! Add a CD for good measure and you have a bundle of brilliant basics--you'll wonder how you ever lived without them!" --Elaine Biech, ebb associates inc, author, Training for Dummies and The Business of Consulting "The Art of Great Training Delivery is a complete guide for training success. Jean not only covers all the bases but provides nuggets of training wisdom that will last an entire career. An invaluable resource for new and veteran trainers!" --Mel Silberman, Ph.D., author, Training the Active Training Way and Active Training "Perfect for anyone who wants a detailed, analytical approach to training--with enough tools and examples to make the concepts applicable to any training program. Written for both the new as well as experienced trainer, there is something for everyone in this thoroughly documented and researched book." --Sharon Bowman, author, The Ten-Minute Trainer

The Facilitator Excellence Handbook

Author: Fran Rees
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780787979805
Size: 36.96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Facilitator Excellence Handbook. This is the thoroughly revised and updated edition of the best-selling The Facilitator Excellence Handbook. Written for both new and experienced facilitators, the second edition of The Facilitator Excellence Handbook offers a comprehensive guide for understanding the full range of skills, processes, and knowledge needed to become an effective facilitator. The book addresses a variety of facilitation opportunities, challenges, and problems and also contains A variety of verbal and nonverbal facilitation techniques Step-by-step facilitation processes and tools Information on how to facilitate conflict resolution in groups and how to facilitate difficult situations Instructions for designing and leading group work Examples of how various levels of facilitator competency are called for in different types of groups Techniques for facilitating meetings, teams, virtual teams, and organization-wide projects Discussions on the art of facilitating and what makes a great facilitator

Managing Diversity

Author: Lee Gardenswartz
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780070220041
Size: 73.38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Managing Diversity. Showing how to make better use of culturally expanding workforce. This book includes worksheets, activities, and charts required to make diversity work (from implementation and evaluation to measurement). It illustrates why some programs have failed - and what to do about it, to ensure the success of your multicultural organization.

Interpersonal Dynamics In Second Language Education

Author: Madeline Elizabeth Ehrman
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
ISBN: 9780761907213
Size: 51.76 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Interpersonal Dynamics In Second Language Education. Until now, relatively little research on interpersonal processes and group dynamics addressed the educational domain, particularly second language education. This book fills the gap by synthesizing diverse aspects of interpersonal and group psychology and exploring conscious and unconscious processes that affect learning and teaching. Drawing on humanistic, social, and clinical psychology, it addresses unconscious communication among people, group development, class climate, psychological characteristics of effective classroom groups, leadership roles, interpersonal attraction and conflicts, and the relationship of these to learner autonomy and collaborative learning. The authors examine the contributions of the mental health branches of counseling and clinical psychology to our understanding of how teachers, learners and a variety of figures who many never enter the classroom interact with each other to make second language learning more or less effective. In particular, the authors show how the unconscious ôscriptsö can cause unproductive conflict demotivation and eventual aversion to language learning. Moreover, the text shows how learning can be facilitated by appropriate use of interpersonal dynamics. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, this book will be of interest to teacher educators and practicing teachers, researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, school administrators and supervisors of educational programs, and many learners themselves. In addition, since the main focus of the book is the affective foundation of the teaching/learning process, this material will be relevant to non-language teachers and clinical practitioners interested in educational issues, as well as graduate students in training for those professions.