The Cheaters

Author: Orrie Hitt
ISBN: 9781617209710
Size: 63.68 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Cheaters. The 1960 Sleaze-Noir classic! Clint Mayer is a big man with big dreams. Or so he thinks. When Clint leaves Beaverkill for the rough and tumble dock town of Wilton, he hooks up with Charlie Fletcher, good time saloon owner and businessman. One of the businesses Charlie runs out of the bar involves a string of working girls, but he has to pay off Detective Red Brandon and it's wearing him down. He's had enough. Clint agrees to buy him out, but then he meets Charlie's wife, Debbie. Clint thinks he can find a way to keep the bar, manage the girls and stay away from Brandon. He may even come away with Debbie. But Debbie has her own ideas deadly ones!

Hitchcock S Villains

Author: Eric San Juan
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 0810887762
Size: 26.71 MB
Format: PDF
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Hitchcock S Villains. The films of Alfred Hitchcock are appreciated for a variety of reasons, including the many memorable villains who menace the protagonists. Unlike so many of cinema’s wrongdoers, the Hitchcock villain was often a complex individual with a nuanced personality and neuroses the common person might not be able to relate to, but could at least understand. If such figures did not always elicit sympathy from the audience, they still possessed characteristics that were oddly appealing. And frequently, viewers found them more likable than the heroes and heroines whom they victimized. In Hitchcock’s Villains: Murderers, Maniacs, and Mother Issues, authors Eric San Juan and Jim McDevitt explore a number of themes that form the foundation of villainy in Hitchcock’s long and acclaimed career. The authors also provide a detailed look at some of the director’s most noteworthy villains and examine how these characters were often central to the enjoyment of Hitchcock’s best films. Whether discussing Uncle Charlie in Shadow of a Doubt or Norman Bates in Psycho, the authors consider what attracted Hitchcock to such characters in the first place and why they endure as screen icons. Intended for both casual and ardent fans of Hitchcock, this book offers insight into what makes villainous characters tick. While serious students will appreciate observations in Hitchcock’s Villains that will enhance their study of cinema technique and writing, general fans of the director will simply enjoy delving further into the minds of their favorite villains.

Encyclopedia Of Pulp Fiction Writers

Author: Lee Server
Publisher: Infobase Publishing
ISBN: 1438109121
Size: 66.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Encyclopedia Of Pulp Fiction Writers. Provides an introduction to American pulp fiction during the twentieth century with brief author biographies and lists of their works.

Framing Law And Crime

Author: Caroline Joan "Kay" S. Picart
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1611477069
Size: 18.51 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Framing Law And Crime. This cutting-edge edited collection brings together 17 scholarly essays on two of cinema and television’s most enduring and powerful themes: law and crime. With contributions by many of the most prominent scholars in law, sociology, criminology, and film, Framing Law and Crime offers a critical survey of a variety of genres and media, integrating descriptions of technique with critical analysis, and incorporating historical and socio-political critique. The first set of essays brings together accounts of the history of the Law and Cinema Movement; the groundbreaking genre of “post-apocalyptic fiction;” and the policy-setting genesis of a Canadian documentary. The second section of the book turns to the examination of a range of international or global films, with an eye to assessing the strengths, frailties, and possible functions of law, as depicted in fictional cinema. After an international focus in the second section, the third section focuses on law and crime in American film and television, inclusive of both fictional and documentary modes of narration. This section’s expansion beyond film narratives to include television series attempts to broaden the scope of the edited collection, in terms of media discussed; it is also a nod to how the big screen, although still a dominant force in American popular culture, now has to compete, to some extent, with the small screen, for influence over the collective American popular cultural imaginary. The fourth section, titled brings together various chapters that attempt to instantiate how a “Gothic Criminology” could be useful, as an interpretative framework in analyzing depictions of law and crime in film and television. The fifth and final section covers issues of pedagogy, epistemology, and ethics in relation to moving images of law and crime. Merging wide-ranging analyses with nuanced scholarly interpretations, Framing Law and Crime examines key concepts and showcases original research reflecting the latest interdisciplinary trends in the scholarship of the moving image. It addresses, not only scholars, but also fans, and will heighten the appreciation of connoisseurs and newcomers to these topics alike.

Land Of A Thousand Balconies

Author: Jack Stevenson
ISBN: 9781900486231
Size: 79.84 MB
Format: PDF
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Land Of A Thousand Balconies. Most books about B-movies are straightforward genre guides, biographies or encyclopaedias. Not this one. In addition to the meticulously researched chapters on film showmen, gimmicks, cult films, camp and trash, this book documents Stevenson's first-hand exploration of a different realm of low-budget cinema - the underground. With film-related incidents and episodes, character studies and reports of unusual one-off film happenings, as well as taking the reader on a tour of old movie theatres and renegade exhibition spaces, this book captures the whole experience.