The Devil Is An Ass

Author: Ben Jonson
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 9780719030901
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The Devil Is An Ass. This edition of "The Devil is an Ass" (1616) aims to provide an insight into Jonson's life and work, the theatrical qualities of the play, its political background and its textual history. In his introduction, Peter Happe looks at the special place of the play in Jonson's own life, his interest in London, the theatrical setting of the play and its sources and analogues. There are critical and explanatory commentaries and a glossarial index. The play is seen in its historical and political context, by linking it with late medieval and Elizabethan plays, as well as with the Jacobean stage. The text is meticulously and reliably edited, with modernized spelling for today's reader. A commentary is provided to explain difficult or significant passages. The stage history of the play also includes very recent productions.

Poetaster Or The Arraignment

Author: Ben Jonson
Publisher: Oxford : Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198132295
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Poetaster Or The Arraignment. Poetaster Sejanus The Devil is an Ass New Inn Oxford English Drama offers plays from the sixteenth to early twentieth centuries in selections that make available both rarely printed and canonical works. The texts are freshly edited using modern spelling. Critical introductions, wide-ranging annotation, and informative bibliographies illuminatethe plays' cultural contexts and theatrical potential for reader and performer alike. 'The series should reshape the canon in a number of significant areas. A splendid and imaginative project.' [Professor Anne Barton, Cambridge University]

Shakespeare And Wales

Author: Professor Philip Schwyzer
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409475662
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Shakespeare And Wales. Shakespeare and Wales offers a 'Welsh correction' to a long-standing deficiency. It explores the place of Wales in Shakespeare's drama and in Shakespeare criticism, covering ground from the absorption of Wales into the Tudor state in 1536 to Shakespeare on the Welsh stage in the twenty-first century. Shakespeare's major Welsh characters, Fluellen and Glendower, feature prominently, but the Welsh dimension of the histories as a whole, The Merry Wives of Windsor, and Cymbeline also come in for examination. The volume also explores the place of Welsh-identified contemporaries of Shakespeare such as Thomas Churchyard and John Dee, and English writers with pronounced Welsh interests such as Spenser, Drayton and Dekker. This volume brings together experts in the field from both sides of the Atlantic, including leading practitioners of British Studies, in order to establish a detailed historical context that illustrates the range and richness of Shakespeare's Welsh sources and resources, and confirms the degree to which Shakespeare continues to impact upon Welsh culture and identity even as the process of devolution in Wales serves to shake the foundations of Shakespeare's status as an unproblematic English or British dramatist.

Ben Jonson

Author: Ian Donaldson
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191636797
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Ben Jonson. Ben Jonson was the greatest of Shakespeare's contemporaries. In the century following his death he was seen by many as the finest of all English writers, living or dead. His fame rested not only on the numerous plays he had written for the theatre, but on his achievements over three decades as principal masque-writer to the early Stuart court, where he had worked in creative, and often stormy, collaboration with Inigo Jones. One of the most accomplished poets of the age, he had become - in fact if not in title - the first Poet Laureate in England. Jonson's life was full of drama. Serving in the Low Countries as a young man, he overcame a Spanish adversary in single combat in full view of both the armies. His early satirical play, The Isle of Dogs, landed him in prison, and brought all theatrical activity in London to a temporary — and very nearly to a permanent — standstill. He was 'almost at the gallows' for killing a fellow actor after a quarrel, and converted to Catholicism while awaiting execution. He supped with the Gunpowder conspirators on the eve of their planned coup at Westminster. After satirizing the Scots in Eastward Ho! he was imprisoned again; and throughout his career was repeatedly interrogated about plays and poems thought to contain seditious or slanderous material. In his middle years, twenty stone in weight, he walked to Scotland and back, seemingly partly to fulfil a wager, and partly to see the land of his forebears. He travelled in Europe as tutor to the mischievous son of Sir Walter Ralegh, who 'caused him to be drunken and dead drunk' and wheeled provocatively through the streets of Paris. During his later years he presided over a sociable club in the Apollo Room in Fleet Street, mixed with the most learned scholars of his day, and viewed with keen interest the political, religious, and scientific controversies of the day. Ian Donaldson's new biography draws on freshly discovered writings by and about Ben Jonson, and locates his work within the social and intellectual contexts of his time. Jonson emerges from this study as a more complex and volatile character than his own self-declarations (and much modern scholarship) would allow, and as a writer whose work strikingly foresees - and at times pre-emptively satirizes - the modern age.

Cosmetics In Shakespearean And Renaissance Drama

Author: Farah Karim-Cooper
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748677097
Size: 80.13 MB
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Cosmetics In Shakespearean And Renaissance Drama. This original study examines how the plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries dramatise the cultural preoccupation with cosmetics. Farah Karim-Cooper analyses contemporary tracts that address the then-contentious issue of cosmetic practice and identifies a 'culture of cosmetics', which finds its visual identity on the Renaissance stage. She also examines cosmetic recipes and their relationship to drama as well as to the construction of early modern identities.

The Duchess Of Malfi And Other Plays

Author: John Webster
Publisher: Oxford Paperbacks
ISBN: 9780199539284
Size: 71.66 MB
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The Duchess Of Malfi And Other Plays. This volume offers John Webster's two great Jacobean tragedies, The White Devil and The Duchess of Malfi, together with his brilliant tragicomedy, The Devil's Law-Case, and the comedy written with William Rowley, A Cure for a Cuckold. All four plays display the provocative intelligence of a profoundly original playwright. A critical introduction defends Webster against charges of over-indulgence in violence, and explores his sophisticated staging and scenic forms.

Jonson And The Contexts Of His Time

Author: Robert C. Evans
Publisher: Bucknell University Press
ISBN: 9780838752685
Size: 55.24 MB
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Jonson And The Contexts Of His Time. "Ben Jonson was one of the most important writers of the English Renaissance, and this study both reflects and contributes to the growing focus on the concrete details of his art and career. By examining specific works, particular historical circumstances, and complex relations with various individuals, author Robert C. Evans tries to locate Jonson's writings in the contexts that helped shape their artistry." "This book presumes that the more one knows about Jonson's various contexts, the more richly one can appreciate the complicated significance of the texts he produced. In fact, a major purpose of the book is the presentation of new archival data. The individual chapters all assume that Jonson could not ignore his relations with other people and the effects that those relations might have had on his life and writings." "The first chapter raises explicitly many of the questions involved in the historical study of literature, contributing to recent dialogue about the meaning and value of the so-called New Historicism. This chapter also offers one of the few sustained examinations of one of Jonson's most typical and significant poems, the epistle to Edward Sackville." "Chapter 2 suggests why Jonson's relations with rivals and patrons were particularly significant. It discusses one of his most important rivalries - the "poetomachia" - and its significance for the early years of his life as a writer. The chapter then jumps to the end of Jonson's career and emphasizes works he addressed to the Earl of Newcastle, one of his most important later patrons. This initial emphasis on patronage and rivalry recurs in one way or another in all the subsequent chapters, which follow a roughly chronological scheme." "Chapter 3 looks at the earliest and perhaps still the best of Jonson's great plays, Volpone, and explores new evidence suggesting that Jonson may have used this comedy to mock a powerful and wellknown contemporary. Chapter 4 explores The Devil is an Ass (1616) and attempts to suggest the very complicated political and social circumstances in which it was enmeshed. Chapter 5 tries to show how the important masque entitled Pleasure Reconciled to Virtue offered a detailed response to another aristocratic entertainment written a few months earlier, and chapter 6 surveys the poet's apparently contentious relations with the highly talented Thomas Campion." "Chapters 7 and 8 focus on the closing years of Jonson's career. They explore his little-known friendship with Joseph Webbe, an important language theorist whose ideas were quite controversial at the time, and examine Jonson's relations with significant Caroline patrons in an attempt to show the complicated ways in which the patronage "system" - so often discussed in the abstract could operate in actuality. A brief afterword summarizes some of the general critical assumptions on which all the preceding chapters are based."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved