Command Missions A Personal Story Illustrated Edition

Author: General L. K. Truscott Jr.
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 1782894403
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Command Missions A Personal Story Illustrated Edition . Includes 2 charts, 1 portrait and 30 maps. Few generals achieved the reputation won by General Lucien Truscott during his time in the American Army during World War Two; it was the opinion of the future President General Eisenhower that Truscott was second only to the legendary General Patton as a battlefield commander. Refusing all personal accolades in press releases, General Truscott, was as tough as they come, determined and cool under fire. His autobiography stands as one of the great books written by any officer who served the Allied cause during the Second World War. He led the 60th Infantry and 66th Armored Regiments during the invasion of French North Africa, his formations benefitted hugely from his tough training methods that saved lives under fire. His next command at the head of the 3rd Infantry Division would cement his reputation, forcing his troops over some of the harshest mountains in Europe in Sicily and routing pushing the Germans off the island. Truscott then led his men ashore the Italian mainland at Salerno and then again in the landings at Anzio... By 1944 the Allied command considered that Truscott was the foremost amphibious expert in the European theatre and gave him command of the vital landings in southern France; his inspiring leadership and determined forceful handling of his troops led to such success that the Germans were bundled back out the French province very rapidly opening the port of Marseilles to Allied supply ships. Truscott was renowned for his abilities as a general, a motivator of men and a shrewd commander who was determined to seize and keep hold of the initiative; all of these qualities were needed when he took over command of the Fifth Army in Italy in Dec. 1944. Pushing his troops forward expertly to force the German defenders out of their entrenched lines in the mountains in Northern Italy and would have continued their victorious drive into Germany but by this time Nazi Germany had surrendered.

Attack Transport The Story Of The U S S Doyen Illustrated Edition

Author: Lt. Lawrence A. Marsden
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 1786252635
Size: 48.65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Attack Transport The Story Of The U S S Doyen Illustrated Edition . Includes the Second World War In The Pacific Illustration Pack – 152 maps, plans and photos. “Among the auxiliary classes of the Navy List are two that carry not only an “auxiliary” but also a “combatant” classification letter. These are the attack transports (APA’s) and the attack cargo vessels (AKA’s). Without belittling the importance of LST’s, LSM’s, LCT’s, and other small types used in the maritime transportation of men and freight, it is the APA’s and the AKA’s that carry the bulk of the troops and equipment to the bloody assault beaches of our overseas landings. They are the backbone of the Amphibious Forces. These ships arrive with the initial amphibious attacks and continue their support throughout the fighting. Unarmored and with small fire power, they yet carry a great weapon that is war’s one essential combat element: the troops that fight on the ground. In war, transports seldom rest. Between assaults, on long and dreary voyages they carry out to distant bases replacement and service troops and freight, and carry back to home ports our casualties and essential war materials. They are the unsung, battle-scarred work horses of the Navy. Transport life was mainly on a humdrum level that had occasional peaks of furious battle. Morale was always high. The resourceful crews of these ships made up for lack of experience through native ingenuity, shining courage, and an eager offensive spirit. As modestly portrayed in Attack Transport, these truly combatant naval vessels of the Amphibious Forces did their share in winning the war. God bless them and the splendid Americans who worked and fought them!”-Admiral Richmond Kelly Turner.

D Day Illustrated Edition

Author: Stephen E. Ambrose
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471136671
Size: 20.38 MB
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D Day Illustrated Edition. On the basis of 1,400 oral histories from the men who were there, bestselling author and World War II historian Stephen E. Ambrose reveals for the first time anywhere that the intricate plan for the invasion of France in June 1944 had to be abandoned before the first shot was fired. The true story of D-Day, as Ambrose relates it, is about the citizen soldiers - junior officers and enlisted men - taking the initiative to act on their own to break through Hitler's Atlantic Wall when they realised that nothing was as they had been told it would be. D-DAY is the brilliant, no holds barred, telling of the battles of Omaha and Utah beaches. Ambrose relives the epic victory of democracy on the most important day of the twentieth century.

United States Army In Wwii Europe Cross Channel Attack

Author: Gordon A. Harrison
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 1782894136
Size: 56.92 MB
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United States Army In Wwii Europe Cross Channel Attack. [Includes 4 charts, 31 maps and 62 illustrations] Cross-Channel Attack has been planned and written as the introduction to the history of those campaigns in 1944 and 1945 which led to the destruction of the German armies in the west. It provides necessary background for the study of all the campaigns in the European Theater of Operations. The narrative of operations ends on 1 July 1944, with the Allies firmly established in Normandy. The concluding chapters show the successful fruition of plans and preparations reaching back as far as January 1942; but the seizure of the Norman beaches and the establishment of a lodgment area are only a beginning, a point of departure for the drive to the Elbe and the Baltic. Although Cross Channel Attack includes discussion of certain problems of high command and logistics, a more complete treatment is accorded these subjects in two volumes now under preparation in this series: The Supreme Command and Logistical Support of the Armies. Whether the reader approaches the book with the justified pride that he was a member or supporter of the winning team, or whether he reads to learn, is a matter for him to decide. The victor tends to prepare to win the next war with the same means and methods with which he won the last. He forgets the difficulty of reaching decisions, the planning problems, his faltering, his unpreparedness. The vanquished is wont to search far afield for new and improved methods, means, and equipment. The accomplishments of those who fought in this period were indeed great, as were the sacrifices. But from the national viewpoint it would seem desirable to read this volume with the self-critical eye of the vanquished as well as with the pride of the victor, an approach which the thoughtful reader will not find difficult.

United States Army In Wwii The Pacific Cartwheel The Reduction Of Rabaul

Author: John Miller Jr.
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 1782894012
Size: 71.48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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United States Army In Wwii The Pacific Cartwheel The Reduction Of Rabaul. [Includes 2 tables, 11 charts, 22 maps and 71 illustrations] The campaign described in the present volume was important to the Army as an experience in amphibious warfare and combined operations against a formidable and still resourceful enemy. It was also of critical importance in the evolution of American strategy in the Pacific. CARTWHEEL began as an uphill fight with means that seemed inadequate to the ends proposed, even though these were limited. But it swiftly brought our forces to a crest from which we were able to launch the two powerful drives, through the Southwest and Central Pacific, that crushed Japan before we redeployed the forces directed against Germany. The campaign put to the test the principle of unity of command, and also the capacity for co-operation between two theaters, one under Army, the other under Navy command, and both under forceful and dominant commanders. By ingenious and aggressive use of the ground, sea, and air forces at their disposal they made these suffice to achieve more than had been foreseen as possible, and opened up a new vista of strategy. They took a heavy toll of the enemy’s resources, established the technique of bypassing his strongholds, including finally Rabaul itself, and threw him on the defensive. This book will be of interest not only to professional officers, but also to a wide variety of other readers and students.

Omaha Beachhead 6 June 13 June 1944 Illustrated Edition

Author: Anon
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 178289263X
Size: 28.20 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Omaha Beachhead 6 June 13 June 1944 Illustrated Edition . Illustrated with over 40 photos and 15 maps of the engagement. The momentous events of the 6th of June 1944, D-Day, still resonate around the world, almost 200,000 Allied Soldiers were thrown against the Nazi dominated coast of France in a bid to free Western Europe from the Fascist grip that had held it since 1939. The plan was audacious, ambitious and exceptionally dangerous, the Allied Planners had decided to attack across five sectors over the beaches of Normandy, from the British and Canadian forces on the right at the mouth of the river Orne to the American Troops at the base of the Cotentin Peninsula. Without doubt the toughest sector of all was the beach code-named “Omaha” it was vital as it linked the Americans with the British landing to the east; however it was beset with sheer cliffs at either end of the beach, a deep sloping beach, the most advanced defences and the best of the German troops on the coast. As this book recounts in vivid detail, the reality on the beaches was truly hellish, wide beaches swept by artillery, mortar, machine gun and rifle fire filled with casualties as men clung to the beach obstacles for the only cover to be had. As the American troops on the ground struggled forward, errors in navigation led to reinforcements being routed to the wrong beaches and supporting amphibious tanks sank in the rough seas. That any of the men made it off the beaches at all was a miracle based on inspired leadership, hard training and sheer courage in the face of horrendous death dealing fire. As immortalised in the film Saving Private Ryan, this book produced by the American Army Historical Section recounts in superb, often brutal, detail the struggle on Omaha Beach. It is tale never to be forgotten and as the narrative based on the personal interviews with the men and officers of the 1st, 2nd and 29th divisions, along with the official reports and documents it is as engaging as it is authoritative.

The Lct Story

Author: William D. Baker
ISBN: 9780738858036
Size: 46.49 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Lct Story. LCTs (Landing Craft, Tanks) were crucial fighting vessels in the amphibious warfare of World War II, but until now no separate history had been written of them.. The LCT Story and Victory in Europe tells how LCTs were used in the Atlantic and Mediterranean theaters. It includes perspectives by Admirals Hewitt, Kirk, and Lowry, and by on-the-spot commanders in charge of assault waves at Omaha Beach and Southern France. But the essence of the record is in the immediacy of the authentic action reports of dozens of young naval officers as they hit the beach at Omaha or Southern France. Here is true history in the making, war reporting as vivid as we are likely to find. Until l972 the action reports, as well as some statements from the admirals and commanders, were classified secret. The author discovered them in the naval archives only recently. Following the LCT story is a collection of sixty-four annotated letters that the author sent home from the Mediterranean in l944. The introduction addresses the question of why young men fought. Over thirty-five photographs enhance the text.

The Times Atlas Of European History

Author: Thomas Cussans
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Size: 55.71 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Times Atlas Of European History. Traces the history of Europe from 900 B.C. to 1994, using forty-six key dates to introduce each section